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Joe Koenen

Joe Koenen

Joe Koenen (he/him) got his theatrical training at the University of Washington. He first joined Jet City Improv in 1995 and performed with the group for five years, and then returned to the JCI cast in 2012. Joe began teaching acting and improv in 1996, and has been lucky enough to travel with his students to perform internationally. Joe is happy to boast performing in the very first Twisted Flick on Halloween in 1997. Joe has performed or directed many other Jet City Improv Presents shows including "The Adventures of Gilbert and Sullivan," "[REDACTED]The New Improvised Musical," "Claim of Thrones,"(2015) and "Every Movie is a Musical." Joe is committed to increasing inclusion and equitable representation in improv.

Joined Jet City Improv


Jet City Improv Show Count

Over 600

Jet City Improv Presents Appearances

As Actor

Every Movie Is A Musical (2016, 2014)

Tall Tales (2016)

Claim of Thrones (2015)

Wise Guys (2014)

It's Your Wonderful Life (2013, 2012, 2011)

Epic Masala (2012)

Zombie Town (2012)

PROJECT: B-Movie (2011)

Time Quest (2006)

Election Show (2004)

Twisted Flicks

As Director

The New Improvised Musical (2018)

The Adventures of Gilbert and Sullivan! (2013)