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Katy Nuttman – Director

Katy Nuttman – Director

Katy has been an improvisational performer since 2006, and joined the Jet City Improv family in 2013. She is a graduate of Washington State University where she began her improv career. By day (and by night) she teaches English and Theatre at Auburn Riverside High School. She is a company member of JCI and been seen onstage in World’s Fair, Blak Cloud, Wise Guys, and Periods in History. She also moonlights with improv groups Scenic Detour and ZineScene in her spare time. Last year she made her directing debut with Nancy You, and she’s pleased to return to improv leadership with Yes Anderson. Enjoy the show!

Jet City Improv Presents

As Actor:

Periods in History (2016)

Wise Guys (2014)

Blak Cloud (2013)

World's Fair (2013)

As Director:

Nancy You (2017)