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Kyle Henick

Kyle Henick

Coming in at 6'6" and 230lbs, Kyle has always been the biggest thing in the ring. A 2010 grad of WWU, this is Kyle's 7th time stepping into the ring at Jet City Improv.  Recently, you may have seen him in A Sequence of Wretched Events, Stabbin’ Cabin, or Claim of Thrones. Kyle would like to thank Rebekah for giving him the opportunity to smash face with this awesome group of badasses, the cast and crew for being the most epic collaborators, and you, the audience, for cheering and booing as we work it out in the ring.

Jet City Improv Presents Appearances

A Sequence of Wretched Events (2020)

Claim of Thrones (2019)

Stabbin' Cabin (2019)

Dystopia! The Musical (2017)

A Tribe Called Yes (2017)

Tall Tales (2016)