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Laura K. Turner

Laura K. Turner

Laura is excited to be baking onstage again in Britain’s Baking Challenge.  She has been a company member of Jet City Improv since 2010 and performed in over a dozen improvised plays.  She also created and directed several shows, including last year's time-traveling workplace comedy 8 to 6 that won a Gregory People's Choice Award for Best Improv (2018).  In her non-baking, non-improv time, she teaches high school English, dabbles in a variety of artistic ventures, and is the proud aunt of the four best kids in the world.

Jet City Improv Presents Appearances

As Actor

A Holiday Romance (2018)

Britain's Baking Challenge (2017)

The Lost Folio (2012, 2017)

Austen Translation (2013, 2016)

Periods in History (2016)

Good Morning Campers (2015)

Clues (2014)

Upside Downton (2014)

Blak Cloud (2013)

World's Fair (2013)

It's Your Wonderful Life (2011)

Quiz Show (2011)

As Director

8 to 6 (2018)

Periods in History (2016)

Very Special Episode (2016)

Antiques Improv Show (2015)