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Mandy Price

Mandy Price

Mandy Price is a Jet City Improv ensemble member and has appeared in many full-length improvised plays, including Lovetanic, Goin' Steady: The Musical, Austen Translation and Upside Downton at JCI and The Pretty Wonderful Club at Unexpected Productions. She also keeps one foot in the world of scripted theatre, performing with Seattle mainstays such as LiveGirls, Annex, ArtsWest and ActLab. Mandy is a transplant from Chicago where she performed with The Second City, iO, The Annoyance and Laugh Out Loud Theatre. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, she holds a BA in Theatre from Belmont University and fights against her accent every day.

Joined Jet City Improv


Jet City Improv Show Count

Over 200

Jet City Improv Presents Appearances

As actor

Uncle Mike Ruins Christmas (2017-2010)

Austen Translation (2016, 2013)

Every Movie is a Musical (2016, 2014)

Periods in History (2016)

What If (2016, 2015)

Worst Trip Ever (2015, 2014)

American Glory (2014)

Upside Downton (2014)

Final Transmission (2011)

Goin' Steady: The Musical (2011)

Inferno (2010)

Puppet TV (2010)

Dirty Laundry (2009)

Lovetanic (2009)

As creator

Mile High Club (2019)

8 to 6 (2018)

A.S.S.B.U.T.T.S. (2018)

Solid is the New Stripes (2016)