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Margaret Erickson

Margaret Erickson

Margaret is an east coast transplant, who ventured out to the PNW to attend the University of Washington for business. Although she grew up entrenched in traditional theater, the years have made Margaret much too lazy to memorize scripts. Thus giving rise to her deep love for all things improvised. Margaret has been a part of a wide spread of Jet City long form shows since 2012, including Zombietown, Austen Translation, and Good Morning Campers. She performs regularly with the Everett-based improv trio Scenic Detour. During the day she is a no-nonsense project manager for an ad agency.

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Jet City Improv Show Count

Over 100

Jet City Improv Presents Appearances

As actor:

Yes Anderson (2019)

The Startup (2017)

Periods in History (2016)

Trivia Night in the Big Red Room at Rick's Dive-In Bar and Grill (2016)

Good Morning Campers (2015)

Clues (2014)

Austen Translation (2013)

It's Your Wonderful Life (2013)

Men of Action (2013)

World's Fair (2013)

Epic Masala (2012)

Zombietown (2012)

As director:

The Nightmare Society (2018, 2017)