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Matthew Bernhardt

Matthew Bernhardt

Matthew Bernhardt's ultimate goal in life is to create an automated system that allows him to live a fully functional life without ever using his brain. Five days a week, he goes to work as a software engineer at Microsoft in fear that Trump will kick him out if he doesn’t. An Aussie in the States since 2014, Matthew likes to act “extra-Australian” while here and “extra-American” while home — in a ploy to always be the center of attention. He has been known to keep cold items in the trunk of his car because it’s “colder back there.” In his free time, Matthew claims he can “probably” run a four-minute mile, worries about proper tipping etiquette, and drunkenly misuses photobooths. This is Matthew’s second Jet City Presents show, and he is excited to bring both the Party and the Favors.

Jet City Improv Presents Appearances

Yes Anderson (2019)