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Mykaela M. Hopps

Mykaela M. Hopps

It is most regrettable, dear audience member, that you should be reading this. It means that you are here to see a sequence of most wretched events. Wouldn't you prefer to have a nice Italian dinner, or swim with sharks? Both would be less dangerous to your psyche than the evening that is in store for you, dear audience member. Alas, if you insist on remaining in your seat, you may at least learn a few facts about Mykaela Hopps. She has performed improv for 9 years, and has been an ensemble member at Jet City Improv for 2 years. She's appeared on the JCI stage before in shows such as Claim of Thrones and Yes Anderson. She enjoys being dramatic, but very silly. She would thank you for watching this show, but she is too busy worrying about how you'll feel after.

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