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Robert Fuentes

Robert Fuentes

Dear Diary, they got me!  I was on hiatus and had been exploring the concrete jungle known as Seattle when they dangled the carrot.  A call was presented to audition for Yes Anderson.  Do you remember that I’d been on the Jet City Improv stage before with the Production of Epic Masala, and one other time for a late show, Mashed Potato Roundup?  Well, I was not afraid auditioning. I mean, after all, I had been seen on other stages in Seattle as a player in shows like Faeries of Stratford and First Dollars to a Name and I was undaunted.  I understand that those were scripted but I wanted to play.  Are you kidding me? In addition to my training at the JCI Academy, The Groundlings and the American Conservatory Theatre, which had prepared me… somewhat… for the audition, I used my training as a “Board Waxer” for the Outrages Surf School of Lahaina (in Lahaina) to prepare myself for this audition. So, as you can see, Dear Diary, I got the part and I’m here.  I’ll let you know how it goes in my next entry.  Till then, affectionately, R.  

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Epic Masala (2012)