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Shannon Kipp

Shannon Kipp

Shannon made her Twisted Flicks debut with The Green Slime in Spring 2018. She last appeared at Jet City Improv in Reunion Tour (an improvised rock musical).  She has performed with dozens of local companies including Printer's Devil Theater, Annex Theatre, Theater Schmeater, Macha Monkey, and 14/48: the word's quickest theater festival, and has frequently been seen dubbing over puppets (as opposed to old movies) in a variety of Sgt. Rigsby and His Amazing Silhouettes plays. She is a frequent collaborator on new works with Seattle playwrights and was a company member of Seattle's long-standing Printer's Devil Theater, and a graduate of the University of Washington's theater program. You can also see her in Lynn Shelton’s film Touchy Feely (starring Allison Janney and Ellen Page).

Twisted Flicks Show Count

Over 25

Jet City Improv Presents

Reunion Tour (2007)