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Shawn Franklin

Shawn Franklin

Shawn is originally from NYC and moved to Washington in 1992 at the behest of Uncle Sam. Years later, Shawn began improvising as a member of Tacoma's Tokens Improv and later as Performer/ Director with Dead Gentlemen Improv, a division of the locally semi-kinda-legendary Dead Gentlemen Productions ("The Gamers", "The Gamers: Dorkness Rising"). He was also a featured performer in various Dead Gentlemen Productions comedic sketch works including the award-winning Campaign Ad featured on Current TV. He was also immortalized in print as the playable character "Harkadian" in Dead Gentlemen's recently published Demon Hunters Role Playing game and its accompanying short film: "Demon Hunters Orientation Video". Shawn took a hiatus from active performing to teach and direct Improv classes and shows at Lakewood Playhouse, while filling in as a host of JCI's Fremont Outdoor Movies and making guest appearances with Jet City Improv. He's finally given in to the pressure and joined Jet City and Twisted Flicks. Yaaay!!!

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