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Tara Curran

Tara Curran

Born in San Diego, CA, Tara Curran is a swell gal who graduated with a B.A. in Film and Video Studies from Central Washington University.  She moved to Washington when she was seven and spent her formative years on Bainbridge Island, where she was elected senior class president for her on spot Lord of the Rings character impersonations.  She then kinda went college for about ten years, during which she spent thirteen months in the USMC, five summers as a tour bus driver in Alaska, and the rest of the time on the A Song of Ice and Fire subreddit.  Tara signed up for her first improv classes after hearing about Jet City Improv in the 88 Minutes episode of the podcast How Did This Get Made.  She started volunteering in August 2017 and was named Volunteer of the Quarter for Fall 2017.  Whenever she is not studying nursing at Olympic College, she's in Seattle trying to make all her improv dreams come true.

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