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Tim Harahan

Tim Harahan

Tim Harahan comes from Illinois, and very much likes Seattle, which has actual mountains on two horizons. Tim joined Twisted Flicks in 2010 as a carni-curious brontosaurus in "Rudolph's Shiny New Year". He hasn't looked back. Tim has also appeared onstage with Jet City Improv's Unspeakable Horrors and Quiz Show, with Unexpected Productions' Improvised Christmas Carol and Theatersports, and with Split Second Improv. When not onstage, Tim can be found backstage improvising light, sound, and props, off hiking, or doing computer things. He would like to thank Mike, for the chance; the team, for so much; and B movies, for showing us what the future was going to be.

Twisted Flicks Cast Member

Since December 2010

Performed in over 150 Twisted Flick performances


Previous Jet City Improv Appearances

As actor

Rudolph: The Next Verse (2009)

Unspeakable Horrors (2010)

Quiz Show (2011)

Yes Anderson (2019)

A Sequence of Wretched Events (2020)

As crew

Final Transmission (2011) - Props

Blak Cloud (2013) - Stage Manager