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The Venue

Anyone who’s passed through Seattle’s University District can tell you about the Jet City Improv Theater and its lovely hue of can’t-miss-it yellow. It’s very hard to miss.

Jet City Improv Theater Exerior

Built in the 1930’s, this intimate 131-seat theater features air conditioning, indoor plumbing, electrical lighting, floors, walls, a ceiling, and Seattle’s best comedy since 1992. Over 18,000 guest pass through these doors every year to see original unscripted comedy and they keep coming back for more.

A view of the stage

The lobby features access to a concessions stand that features a variety of beer, wine, candy, popcorn, unique cookies and soda, as well as it’s best feature: access to men’s and women’s bathrooms.

Interior - Seats

There’s a bar inside the auditorium so you don’t have to miss the show while you get another drink. But you must be 21 to purchase a drink at this bar. That’s just how it is.

The beautiful, beautiful bar.

We also have wheelchair seating available to guests who may need it. We’re happy to reserve the space for you if you contact us in advance.